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Covid pandemic complaints dominated 2020 Ombudsman’s report (in-cyprus)

Covid pandemic complaints dominated 2020 Ombudsman’s report

21 January 2022

The coronavirus pandemic complaints dominated the 2020 report by the Cyprus Ombudsman in the context of limiting peoples’ human rights, Philenews said on Friday.

Ombudsman Maria Sylianou Lottides who had handed to the President her office’s report for 2020 also said that 2,551 complaints were filed and about the same number in 2021.

Most of the complaints concerned the pandemic and consequences that came with it such as the delay in examining applications for payment of benefits due to Covid-19.

Specifically, a total of 370 complaints filed in 2020 concerned the coronavirus and decisions taken that affected citizens’ life.

A number of complaints also concerned the handling of children in relation to Covid-19, irregular migrants, maternity issues, prisoners, elderly shelters and people confined to Athalassa Mental Health Hospital.

In addition to the usual complaints, those concerning the implementation of SafePass were added in 2021.