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☉ 02/09/2022 Meeting with Pancyprian Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (Limassol)

☉ 31/08/2022 Meeting with the Accept - LGBTI Cyprus

☉ 12/07/2022 Meeting with Assistant Chief of Cyprus Police and other Police Officials.

☉ 16/12/2021 Video conference with the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the Russian Federation

☉ 23/11/2021 Μeeting with Special Representative of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and Special Representative on Civil Society Engagement

☉ 17/11/2021 Μeeting with Ambassador of Ukraine in Cyprus

☉ 27/10/2021 Event held with the Association "Relatives and friends of people with autism "Mazi"

☉ 15/10/2021 Meeting with the Ambassador of Belgium to Greece and Cyprus

☉ 17/09/2021 Meeting with the representative of the Office of UNHCR in Cyprus

☉ 10/09/2021 Meeting with the European Funds Unit of the Ministry of Interior

☉ 27/07/2021 Meeting with the Lawyer of the Association of the Protection of the Rights of Prisoners & Ex-Prisoners

☉ 30/05/2021 Meeting with Ambassador of Sweden in Cyprus

☉ 30/03/2021 Meeting with a delegation of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe

☉ 23/03/2021 Meeting with the Ambassador of the Netherlands

☉ 05/03/2021 Meetings with the Lawyer the Association of the Protection of the Rights of Prisoners & Ex-Prisoners

☉ 12/02/2021 Meeting with THOC for the creation of a Code for the Prevention and Treatment of Harassment and Sexual Harassment at the Theater

☉ 12/02/2021 Meeting to regulate harassment and sexual harassment in the field of sports

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