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☉ 11/01/2024 Lottides elected to directors board of European IOI office (cyprusmail)

☉ 20/11/2023 Better Monitoring and Enforcement Needed (Gold magazine)

☉ 19/10/2022 Ombudswoman’s status upgraded (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 27/07/2022 Ombudswoman calls on state to properly compensate woman for loss of poverty (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 06/07/2022 Abortions and Women's Rights (LegalMatters)

☉ 09/04/2022 Collective stigma and discrimination against Roma persists (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 05/04/2022 Ombudswoman says all police officers should undergo anti-homophobic training (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 21/03/2022 Ombudswoman marks anti-racial discrimination day

☉ 09/03/2022 More Cypriot women hit by crisis than EU average (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 22/02/2022 Army under fire for gender discrimination (Financial Mirror)

☉ 20/02/2022 The Week in Numbers (Sunday Mail)

☉ 17/02/2022 Ombudswoman examined 2,500 complaints in 2020 (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 15/02/2022 Protest over gender discrimination in the army (CyprusMail)

☉ 26/01/2022 Menoyia Immigration Detention Centre still has room for improvement (in-cyprus)

☉ 21/01/2022 Covid pandemic complaints dominated 2020 Ombudsman’s report (in-cyprus)

☉ 20/01/2022 President praises role of ombudswoman in human rights protection (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 17/12/2021 Coronavirus: Tepak ban on unjabbed students discriminatory, Lottides says (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 14/12/2021 Stamp commemorates important role of the ombudsman/ombudswoman (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 30/07/2021 Coronavirus: Cabinet mulls tightening the noose, ombudswoman cautions against it (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 27/07/2021 Lottides castigates red tape inconvenience for minimum guaranteed income applicants (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 15/07/2021 Hate rhetoric is a real and growing problem in European societies, Lottides says (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 06/07/2021 Twelve people to be prosecuted in shocking case of minor Stylianos who committed suicide (in-cyprus)

☉ 28/06/2021 Maria Stylianou-Lottides: Giving Voice to the Voiceless (Interiew in Successful Business Cyprus-Russian Business Magazine)

☉ 27/06/2021 Ombudswoman’s visits continue to protect rights (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 20/06/2021 Lottides calls for more tolerance on World Refugee Day (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 19/05/2021 What has to be done for the equal participation of people with disabilities in the elections (in-cyprus)

☉ 17/05/2021 Progress but LGBTI discrimination remains ‘a tragic reality’ (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 16/05/2021 Where to vote website up and running (Synday Mail)

☉ 16/04/2021 Criminal proceedings to be launched against 12 people over teen suicide (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 09/04/2021 Persons with disabilities deprived of allowances due to medium disability (in-cyprus)

☉ 09/04/2021 Lottides highlights discrimination against the moderately disabled (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 09/04/2021 Persons with disabilities deprived of allowances due to medium disability (in-cyprus)

☉ 24/03/2021 Women’s rights: reporting for duty in landmark case (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 22/03/2021 No room for a sense of superiority Ombudswoman says on day against racism (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 11/03/2021 90% of sexual harassment complaints in public sector (Financial Mirror)

☉ 11/03/2021 Court rejects state request to close asphalt plants (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 09/03/2021 Women in private sector fear reporting harassment (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 09/03/2021 Women officers in national guard discriminated against rules Ombudswoman (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 09/03/2021 Complaints about sexual harassment skyrocket (in-cyprus)

☉ 19/02/2021 Ombudswoman calls on police to explain their heavy-handedness at demo (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 14/02/2021 More killings more shifting of responsibility (Sunday Mail)

☉ 13/02/2021 Ombudswoman targets official failings in brutal mother and son murders (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 06/02/2021 Lottides issues recorded media message for sexual harassment awareness (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 14/01/2021 Distant learning discriminatory for students with special needs (in-cyprus)

☉ 17/12/2020 Watchdog official calls for speedier process to protect LGBTI prisoner (Cyprus Mail)

☉ 11/12/2020 ‘Pournara’ migrant centre way too overcrowded, says Ombudsman (in-cyprus)

☉ 20/10/2020 Old man deprived of wheelchair because he owed rent (in-cyprus)

☉ 21/09/2020 Building a new psychiatric hospital is an urgent need’, Ombudsman says (in-cyprus)

☉ 13/01/2020 Attorney General orders probe into teen suicide (Financial Mirror)

☉ 28/11/2019 Report slams state agencies in teen's death (Knews)

☉ 07/10/2019 Ombudsman condemns racist abuse as police investigate Larnaca car park incident (in-cyprus)

☉ 18/04/2018 Report slams Oroklini detention centre (Knews)

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