Codes of Practice

(All Codes of Practice may only be found in Greek)

Guiding Principles on the provision of services and treatment of passengers of various ethnic backgrounds on behalf of public transport companies and bus drivers

This publication sets out the framework which establishes the enjoyment and respect of human rights and combats discrimination on any ground let alone racist conduct. Guiding principles are provided for bus drivers and companies in relation to the provision of services and the treatment of passengers respectively. This manual was prepared in cooperation with Nicosia Organization of Public Transport («ΟΣΕΛ»). For the document in Greek, please press here.

Guiding principles for suicide prevention in custody (prisons and detention facilities)

In this manual, a complete strategy for suicide prevention in police/prison custody is defined, for the provision of high standard protection of detainees, by the medical/nursing stuff as well as the management and personnel of such correctional facilities. In addition, the manual entails a comprehensive practical guide that may be easily used by the custody personnel, for the purpose of preventing suicides and infliction of self-harm incidents. The manual was issued as a result of a cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and Public Order. For the document in Greek, please press here.

Code of conduct against racist and guide for management and recording of racist incidents

This manual is divided in two basic parts: (a) the Code of conduct to combat racism and (b) the Guide for managing and recoding racist incidents. In the first part, the necessity for the preparation of the Code is established and a relevant theoretical background is provided. This part includes the purpose and the objectives of the code as well as the responsibilities and commitments undertaken by all members of the school environment. The Guide, on the other hand, entails the steps that need to be taken in order to manage racist incidents as well as a Table of Sanctions. It includes the Self-reflection Document, the Document for the Registration of Racist Incidents and the Yearly Document of Reference of Racist Incidents. The Code and the Guide have been prepared by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and the Curriculum Development Unit, with the contribution of the Anti-Discrimination Authority. For the document in Greek, please press here.

Code of Good Practice regarding disability discrimination in employment and occupation

This Code exemplifies how persons with disabilities are protected from discrimination whether they work or wish to work, hold a position in any profession, or work as self-employed. Having set out the basic principles for the prevention of discrimination, it aims at informing employers and employees on their rights and responsibilities respectively. Different types of discrimination, including the non provision of reasonable accommodation are explained, through specific examples which may take place within a working environment. Finally, the Code sets out good practices in order to assist employers and facilitate the prevention of labour disputes and discrimination practices. For the document in Greek, please press here.

Code of Practice for the prevention of sexual harassment and harassment in employment – general principles and examples

The Code provides practical guidance to employers and employees aiming at securing appropriate procedures to deal with sexual harassment and harassment incidents, through prevention but also through repression. This is a useful manual for the creation of a working environment that embraces the gender equality principles and respect of human dignity while uplifting any discrimination on the basis of gender. For the document in Greek, please press here.

Code of practice for combating of sexual harassment and harassment in employment – directions and advice

This is the second part of the Code of Practice for combating sexual harassment and harassment in employment. The Code provides useful advice and directions for employees and their employers in order to facilitate an effective prevention and a strong response to sexual harassment and harassment in the field of employment. For the document in Greek, please press here.

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