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Menoyia Immigration Detention Centre still has room for improvement (in-cyprus)

Menoyia Immigration Detention Centre still has room for improvement


January 26, 2022

Menoyia Immigration Detention Centre’s image has notably improved since 2018 but there is still room for improvement, according to a new report by the Mediterranean island’s Ombudsman.

In fact, the overall scene still reminds more of a detention centre rather than anything less bleak.

The report, drafted after the Ombudsman’s visit there in September, also focused on the issue of mental health of irregular migrants staying there on a long-term basis.

And it calls on authorities to take the necessary measures.

The Ombudsman’s officers also heard complaints from the 126 immigrants who live there about the quantity and quality of food and water. As well as about unacceptable shower conditions.

The report also proposed the possibility of the resumption, in compliance with all necessary health protocols, of all or at least many of the creative activities that have been suspended due to the pandemic.

Menogia Detention Centre, as well as the holding cells, are under the management of the Police.

Detainees still complain about the lack of activities, as well as the length of their detention, some of them experiencing re-detention.