The Independent Mechanism for the Promotion, Protection and Monitoring of the UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was established in May 2012, with the basic aim to monitor the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PwD), ratified by the Republic of Cyprus in 2011. The provisions of the Convention prohibit discrimination on the ground of disability, ensure full and equal enjoyment of human rights by PwD and set out indicative measures for the effective protection of such rights. The Independent Mechanism is responsible to monitor compliance with these provisions.

The Independent Mechanism may examine matters relating to violations of the principle of equal treatment or human rights violations under the Convention, on its own initiative or upon receipt of individual or group complaints. The Independent Mechanism may, furthermore, conduct investigations of matters pertaining to the Convention, organize awareness-raising campaigns and promote the protection and entrenchment of the rights of PwD in general.

Examples of situations that may form the subject-matter of a complaint before the Independent Mechanism include cases where a PwD:
    · does not have accessibility to sports facilities
    · does not feel protected from risky situations (e.g. fire) inside shopping malls
    · is not provided with reasonable accommodations at work that correspond to his/her needs
    · is not selected for an employment position as a result of his/her disability
    · is denied of the opportunity to participate in occupational/ professional training programs on equal basis with his/her colleagues
    · is deprived of his/her right to decide for important matters in his/her life
    · does not have access to appropriately adjusted health services
    · does not have equal opportunities to education.
The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, in different forms, is only available in Greek, as granted to the Office of the Commissioner by the management group of the Project (Institute of Educational Policy): "Design and Development of accessible educational and teaching aids for students with disabilities", which was funded by the Youth Foundation for Lifelong Learning - National Service and the General Secretariat for Youth, under the co-funded programme "Youth In Action" of the European Commission.

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